School Leader / Principal
Position Description

Every Girl Can STEM believes all girls should have access to quality science, technology, engineering and math education. We are unapologetically inclusive in our approach to provide equitable, culturally competent learning infrastructures, resources and tools for our young, female entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators and creators.


We are looking for a school leader / principal to lead and develop our first project.  Every Girl Can STEM is partnering with the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana to start an all girls STEM school in Indianapolis. As the school leader, you will work directly with our team to develop an all girls STEM school, with the goal of launching in 2021.


·       Assists in overseeing the development of the school at the STEM school site.

·       Skillfully conducts neighborhood meetings and public relations related to the STEM school.

·       Plays an important role in interviewing and hiring the initial staff for the STEM school.

·       Actively works with issues related to curriculum development and professional development for school staff.

·       Directly responsible for the administration, supervision, and evaluation of all areas related to the management of the school.

·       Organizes, coordinates, supervises, evaluates, and interprets the total instructional program.

·       Responsible for the overall safety and welfare of the school personnel, as well as, public information and contact with the school community. 

·       Promotes and supports district-wide educational advancement in 21st Century skills. 

·       Integrates knowledge and skills that are relevant to the 21st Century. 

·       Performed other related duties as assigned.


·       Supports instructional practices required to implement STEM concepts.

·       Familiarity with and comfortability with Girl Scouts curriculum.

·       Understands the Indiana Standards in math. 

·       Supports the instructional shifts necessary to implement the mathematics standards. 

·       Leads the staff in the implementation of the mathematics core standards. 

·       Possesses familiarity with national standards in science, engineering, and technology. 

·       Supports the critical role science instruction occupies in the STEM curriculum. 

·       Identifies ways teachers can integrate engineering design concepts into their instruction as application of math and science in a project-based, problem solving environment. 

·       Reinforces the appropriate role of technology in both teaching and learning. 

·       Assists in infusing STEM learning across the curriculum. 

·       Supports and manages a project based learning environment. 

·       Develops the instructional program consistent with the needs of the students, the mandates of the state, and the initiatives of the District and the Executive Director. 


·       Provides for the supervision of K-8 school activities sponsored by and held at the school.  Completes and forwards to the Executive Director or designee two (2) annual written performance evaluations of all probationary and one (1) annual written performance evaluation of all continuing personnel. 

·       Makes recommendations to the Executive Director or designee regarding leaves of absence, suspensions, dismissals, probationary status, and continuing status of all teachers, assistant principals, and other personnel for whom the principal is responsible. 

·       Conducts or assists in the implementation of ongoing professional development programs for the staff, especially as it relates to STEM topics. 

·       Develops and conducts the administrative procedures in the building, supervises the work of classified employees assigned to the school, and conducts evaluations required for supervisory and salary purposes. 

·       Surveys staff regarding professional learning needs and makes recommendation to the Executive Director regarding appropriate training opportunities. 

·       Plans and implements student teacher assignments with the Executive Director. 

·       Reviews all psychological referrals and supervises follow-up with the cooperation of appropriate personnel. 


·       Works with the school district finance office to arrange procedures for accounting operations.

·       Administers the approved school budget by seeing that expenditures are within the approved budgetary allotment. 

·       Reports recommendations on building maintenance and repairs to the facilities department. 

·       Communicates all budgetary needs and submits budget requests to the Associate Executive Director. 

·       Follows approved district procedures; is responsible for the appearance of buildings and grounds. 

·       Anticipates instructional program needs, capital needs, and maintenance needs in such a manner as to manage the K-8 school budget in accordance with district regulations.

·       Sees that the attendance reporting and record keeping functions are performed within the procedures required by the Indiana Department of Education and State statutes. 

·       Keeps informed of the changing role of the K-8 principal. 

·       Attends administrative staff, assigned committee, and Governing Board meetings, as required.  Interprets the educational program of the school to the community. 

·       Develops and maintains a positive communication system with the community, teaching staff, administrators, and governing board. 


·       Prepares a calendar of school programs and activities and coordinates the needs of other schools and areas within district plans; notifies the Executive Director of events which the Board members are welcome to attend. 

·       Takes inventory of all textbooks and equipment for the instructional program. 

·       Prepares and reviews school requests with appropriate authorities. 

·       Organizes and supervises fire and lock-down/evacuation drills and reports. 

·       Establishes end-of-year check out procedures for faculty and students. 

Develops a site handbook for students, parents, and teachers


·       Prepares a calendar of school programs and activities and coordinates the needs of other schools and areas within district plans. 

·       Establishes effective procedures for controlling pupil behavior during school hours and at all school activities sponsored by the school. 

·       Supports and implements the district Code of Conduct. 

·       Maintains standards of student discipline designed to encourage respect of students and parents and minimize school program and classroom interruptions.


·       Personally participates and encourages staff participation in parent groups and is encouraged to participate in other community groups as a means of strengthening understanding and support for the school system. 

·       Provides opportunities for parent-teacher conferences and participates in conferences with parents and other external agents when appropriate. 

·       Maintains a program of public information designed to keep parents informed of school activities. 

·       Creates a positive, recognizable school identity and brand.  Conducts annual climate surveys and analyzes results of such; recommends programmatic changes based on results. 

·       Maintains the highest level of public service orientation at the site. 

·       Develops business, community, and post-secondary partnerships that result in frequent STEM instructional programs within classrooms/school.


·       Master’s degree from an accredited college or university 

·       Training in school management and administration 

·       Three or more years of experience in classroom teaching in public schools 

·       Three or more years of experience as a principal

·       Possession of a valid principal’s certificate 

·       Equivalent combination of education/training/experience

·       Background in math, science, technology, or engineering by education or training

·       Experience with school construction, development and/or project management

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